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Konu: Forum Rules

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    Forum Rules

    1-The forum member is responsible for the messages written in the forum. Our forum does not accept any responsibility for the articles written by individuals.
    2-Messages that violate laws or international laws, agreements and regulations cannot be sent to the forum.
    3- No provocative and humiliating articles can be written about communities.
    4- To send threatening, abusive, hateful or unsolicited messages against customs and traditions; sending messages and using materials regarding religion, language and racial discrimination; Disdainful behavior of forum administrators and users is prohibited.
    5- Party and political articles with purely propaganda content that do not have the purpose of comment are prohibited.
    6- All kinds of harassing articles are prohibited.
    7- It is strictly forbidden to write capital letters in the forum!
    8- It is forbidden to request your site to be visited in the forum, to advertise a "product" sold or intermediated on your site, and the promotion of all commercially relevant messages and crack, warez, hack appz and similar sites.
    9- Image cannot be used in messages except for tutorial or sample display images. Images cannot be added to signatures.
    10- Forum admin and its administrators have the right to change and delete posts that do not comply with the rules.
    11- Members who do not obey the rules of the forum are warned by the administrators, their registrations are deleted from our system in case of repetition of the behavior.
    12- The right to update or add new forum rules is always reserved by forum administrators.
    13- Under no circumstances, subscriptions are deleted because it causes database malfunctions. However, anyone can ban their membership and close them.
    14- Any kind of copyright sharing is prohibited. Crack, warez, mp3 etc ...
    15- Everyone who is a member of the forum is deemed to have accepted these terms.

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